Functional Fits & Fabrics

Delé Atelier was founded in 2022 to design and develop functional, everyday athleisure apparel for the performance-conscious, casual consumer.

Our Priorities

  1. 1. Sustainability
  2. We strive to create long-lasting pieces that are timeless in terms of fashion and form. We believe that developing sustainable apparel and accessories will yield the most functional wear. Core to our purpose is the pursuit of functional fits.

  3. 2. Ingenuity
  4. We believe that innovation is the engine that propels our pursuits. We expect what we produce to be exceptionally distinct from the current standard and we intend on carrying out the work we do in an exceptionally distinct and forward-facing manner.

  5. 3. Consistency
  6. Key to our success is our ability to do what we do best time-and-time again. We aim to consistently provide apparel and accessories that appropriately contour to athletic form and fit regardless of setting.

  7. 4. Community
  8. The communities that inspire us and those that we serve are foundational to our work. The intersection of these communities is our tribe. We embrace the vastness and varied nature of our tribe.


At Delé Atelier we celebrate diversity. It's core to our catalogue and to how we approach the work that we do. Diversity of experience and perspective is our edge.